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The 4 key pillars of baby classes with The Happy Baby Hive

Baby classes Hull
Baby Classes with The Happy Baby Hive

It is my mission to nurture and support new mums and families, by ensuring that I provide the best baby classes possible, that teach highly valuable lifelong skills and practices that support family wellbeing. I provide support and practices not just for babies but also for new mums and parents as well. To ensure that my classes are of the highest quality and value for new parents, they all include the following four key components: Connection, Support, Development and Comfort.


I wanted to share with you why these are the four main components, what they entail and how they combine to provide the best support for you and your baby.

- Connection: all the practices taught in my classes have been carefully selected as they are proven to help strengthen the connection and bond between parent and baby. Bonding with your baby is key for not only their emotional wellbeing but yours as well. Bonding is vital for babies to promote attachment and to develop social and emotional intelligence. The main aspects required for bonding are eye contact, touch, smell, sound of voice and the production of oxytocin. Baby massage and baby yoga provide all these key aspects and are amazing activities to promote and secure your bond with your baby. Studies show that regular baby massage promotes significantly higher wellbeing in both baby and mother, even helping to reduce the symptoms of post-natal depression. Spending quality one on one time in a relaxed space, learning practices that improve wellbeing, helps to support a connected and attached parent-child bond, setting a strong foundation for your life-long relationship.

- Support: the skills learnt in my classes not only help to support new mums and parents but also help you to support your baby. I teach stretches to help support your postnatal journey and help with those achy backs and shoulders (from all the carrying and feeding!). Mindfulness relaxation practices help you to find a few minutes of peace and calm while you are navigating what can sometimes be the chaotic journey of early parenthood.

Baby yoga Hull

These practices also set you up with the skills to help regulate you and your child. In addition to this, learning practices to soothe your baby helps you to feel more confident and capable as a new parent. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere provides a space where you can meet other new mums who are going through the same stages of parenting as you, where you can discuss the up’s and downs, get advice or just share experiences. My baby classes are safe spaces where you know you can talk to someone who understands and has been through the same things. I love to research and parenting is my favourite topic! I love to help new mums find the best resources and guidance to support them. Head over to my Resources page for more links and information.

- Development: I purposefully chose to teach baby massage and baby yoga as they support your baby’s development in lots of ways, I love how each stroke and move have not one but several benefits. Baby massage increases circulation whilst baby yoga helps to stretch and work muscles, as a result these two practices help to strengthen the muscles and aid movement such as sitting, rolling and walking. The stronger babies’ muscles are the more it will help them with milestones like these. The act of massaging stimulates the blood circulation around the body promoting increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all of the body’s muscles, organs and cells, thus helping them to work more efficiently. Baby massage also stimulates the nervous system, helping and aiding the development of vital nerve connections between the body and the brain. The movements, lifts, swings and dips in baby yoga help to stimulate and develop the vestibular system, which is responsible for balance in the body; stimulating this system helps develop baby's sense of balance, which aids with all kinds of movement, like rolling, sitting and crawling. The stimulation of different parts of the body that occurs during both baby massage and baby yoga increases body awareness as a whole, aiding with co-ordination and self-awareness. So while you and baby are having a lovely relaxing massage or having fun with yoga, you are also supporting baby's development in so many ways, no wonder so many babies love a nap after class!

- Comfort: there are many ways that my classes help provide comfort to you and baby. The techniques learnt help you to comfort your little one, by helping to alleviate the main causes of discomfort in babies, such as colic, wind and digestive issues as well as other issues such as teething and congestion from colds. Furthermore, spending one on one time performing nurturing practices like baby massage and yoga help activate the para-sympathetic nervous system; when this system is activated it causes the body to release oxytocin and other relaxing hormones which expel any stress hormones and associated symptoms of stress from the body, leaving you with a deep feeling of comfort, relaxation and happiness. The best part is that this occurs in you and your baby! Not to mention that learning these techniques helps to empower parents, providing you with a range of skills to actively help your little ones with common issues of discomfort. And lastly, the parent relaxation practices help you to feel a sense of calm and comfort for yourself, which you can also practice at home long after you finish the course.

So you can see how all of these four pillars intertwine to create lovely nurturing classes, that support both new mums and parents as well as babies. I truly believe that for our little ones to thrive we need to thrive too, creating these spaces to support and nurture families is my small contribution to this. The feedback I receive from the mums and dads who have attended my classes means the world to me and makes all the hard work worth it, read some of the reviews for yourself here.

Baby massage Hull

Having these core pillars to my classes and courses ensures that I am providing the best possible support and nurture for new families. When you sign up to a course with The Happy Baby Hive, you are getting so much more than just a baby class; you are getting a weekly peaceful haven which helps you and your baby to flourish!

The Happy Baby Hive provides regular termly baby classes of Baby Massage, Music Massage and Baby Yoga classes in the Hull & East Riding area. Additional holiday and story-time specials also run throughout the year. For more information on current and upcoming courses head to the booking page of my website;

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