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What are the benefits of Baby Yoga?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

A Happy Baby Hive Baby Yoga Class in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire

Baby Yoga isn't just a fun activity to do with your baby (although it definitely is that too!) it has many amazing benefits as well. The main benefits of Baby Yoga cover all 3 vital aspects of health, as defined by the health triangle. The health triangle is used to measure overall health and is comprised of 3 key factors; physical, mental and social health. I will use these key factors to help summarize the main benefits of Baby Yoga.

Baby Yoga lifts, mum and baby group

Physical health - The stretches in baby yoga helps to strengthen muscles and joints, developing a balance of both strength and flexibility. In addition to this, the movements practiced in baby yoga, such as swings, dips and lifts, help to not only promote tummy time but also develop the vestibular and the proprioceptive systems; these systems are responsible for balance and body awareness. Development of these two systems supports the development of babies gross motor skills as well, i.e. movement of their arms and legs. And finally, the stretches and movement help to stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems, improving overall bodily functions & wellbeing. An extra added bonus, is when we practice baby yoga movements with our baby, we get a mini-workout too, so it helps to boost parents physical health as well!

Mum and Baby Yoga, mum and baby bonding

Mental health - Baby yoga, like baby massage, is another powerful exercise to increase awareness and bonding between parent and baby. It provides a special time to slow down and connect with your baby, whilst participating in exercises with high levels of skin to skin contact, eye contact and tuning in to your baby; all of which combine to release happy hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins, which help to strengthen the parent-baby bond as well as boosting mood and overall wellbeing. Infant mental health is directly linked to the attachment a baby has with their primary caregiver, therefore exercises that strengthen attachment also strengthen and support their mental health.

The relaxation practices included in baby yoga, teach you to slow down your breathing and breathe consciously (instead of unconsciously), this activates a different part of the mind, the cerebral cortex and it also engages the parasympathetic nervous system, causing relaxation responses in the body and creating a balancing effect on your emotions. Babies and young children are unable to self-regulate, they become calm by being in the presence of a calm parent; therefore these relaxing practices for parent directly benefit baby and have a relaxing effect on them as well.

The mixture of bonding and relaxing exercises combine to provide a wonderful boost for mental health in both baby and parent.

Mum and baby classes in the Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire

Social health - My baby yoga classes provide a space for parents and new mums to connect and find support and friendship. All of my baby classes are relaxed, friendly and baby-led, helping to create a supportive and welcoming atmosphere. I also ensure that I include time at the end of each class to provide a hot drink and biscuits, which not only is a nice treat for mums (and other parents) but it also provides time for them to talk and connect; mums need mums! Furthermore, attending classes regularly allows babies to develop their social skills, giving them the opportunity to meet and play with other babies, as well as meeting other adults. I love it when babies start to recognize others in the class, it's so sweet to watch their little faces light up!

In summary, there are many benefits to baby yoga, combining to support babies physical, mental and social health. A wonderful addition to this is that these practices also support these key health factors in mums and parents too! Why not sign up to one of my Happy Baby Yoga courses today and experience all these amazing benefits for yourself, all while having a wonderful fun time with your baby!

The Happy Baby Hive provides Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Movers Yoga classes in the Hull & East Riding area, currently running in Swanland, Hull and Little Weighton. For more information on current and upcoming courses head to the booking page of my website;

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