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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



Natalie Lydon

Founder of The Happy Baby Hive

Hello! I'm Natalie, the founder of The Happy Baby Hive. I created The Happy Baby Hive, as I wanted to provide a safe and inclusive space, providing the best support, classes and resources to new mums, new parents and those expecting a new addition to the family.


After falling pregnant with my first baby, I discovered a passion and thirst for knowledge for all things pregnancy and infant related. Unfortunately, I also discovered how little support and resources there are for new mums and parents, I also realized how isolating maternity leave can be. Since then I knew I wanted to do something to help support new mums and families. After lots of research into wellbeing for babies and new mums and having my second baby, the idea of creating a support hub made up of all the things I wish I'd had available came to me and The Happy Baby Hive was born!

To find out more about classes click here, to read more about me and my business read on.


Bond | Comfort | Develop

It is my mission and dream to help nurture and support new families. Nothing is more important than raising the next generation, and the first 1001 days are essential in creating the blueprint for the rest of babies life. At the same time these early years can be very intense and isolating for new parents. The Happy Baby Hive aims to support the parent and baby bond, through nurturing connection, wellbeing and confidence. 

Every course I provide has been carefully selected and created to provide the best for babies and new parents. All courses help to support physical and mental wellbeing for both baby and parent; delivering learnings and practices that:

- support and improve infant and parent wellbeing

- teach techniques to comfort unsettled babies

- promote relaxation for both baby and parent

- support infant development, mental and physical

- strengthen the parent-baby bond

- provide support and resources to help increase confidence for new parents

- provide a space for making memories with your baby, as well as meet and connect with other new mums and new parents

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please don't hesitate to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you. 

Baby Massage Teacher
Infant and baby first aid
Yoga Cert.jpg
Nurture Ambassador Parents & Babies
Colic Consultant
Positive Discipline Attachment Parenting


Qualifications & Training

Before creating The Happy Baby Hive, I spent twelve years in FMCG research & development, prior to which I achieved a Masters in Chemistry. 

I have since completed training as a Baby Massage Instructor, Soothe, Settle and Sleep Instructor, and Baby Yoga Instructor. When searching for my training I wanted to ensure I selected the best available, to enable me to create the best possible parent and baby courses. My training has been conducted through Blossom and Berry, an internationally accredited training provider, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, Federation of Holistic Therapies and the IICT. 


Furthermore, I am a graduate of the accredited Positive Discipline course, am trained in baby first aid, am fully DBS checked and fully insured. I have also completed the Safe Spaces course, focusing on creating classes which are inclusive for all. 

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