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Parent Reviews

I'd like to say a huge thank you to all the parents who have taken the time to write a review or provide feedback. Read on to find out what they had to say, or head to my Instagram Stories for more....

Baby Classes

Lauren & Henry

Natalie's groups have been my favourite to attend with my son over the past year or so, the amount of effort she puts into the weekly classes and one-off specials is so lovely, and it's so obvious to see how passionate she is about The Happy Baby Hive. The gratitude circle is a great part of the class as you can get to know other mums (and dads) a little better, the class itself is well thought out and fun for the little ones, the photo station is a lovely touch as she knows how few photos mums get with their babies, and the hot cup of tea and biscuit at the end is always appreciated. Natalie has seen my little boy grow from a tiny baby into a toddler and I really feel like she's got to know us. Would recommend The Happy Baby Hive to any parent looking for a baby/toddler group :)
Baby Massage Hull

Abi & Hughie

Natalie is such a calm, inviting soul. She makes you feel welcomed and at home. Baby Yoga is now the second course I have done, equally as good Baby Massage, taking my boy from only 6 weeks. As a new mum, joining a group can seem very daunting, but I have had the privilege of meeting others and them turning into friends where hopefully our children will grow up friends too. I really appreciated the intimacy of the courses with only small groups with the opportunity to ask questions and talk to others. Natalie is very knowledgeable and I continue to do both routines at home, I thoroughly enjoyed learning the songs and he always smiles when I “rub my hands” knowing we are having some quality time together.
Baby Massage Class

Esta & Caleb

I miss our Monday mornings! You created such an amazing relaxed space that is completely baby centred. It was great bonding time with Caleb and the techniques have been great for his trapped wind and relaxation… we’ve even built it into his bedtime routine. It’s also really relaxing and enjoyable for me, spending quality time with Caleb, meeting other mums and having a chilled coffee at the end. I really loved it... I felt at ease with you from the moment I met you at the Easter workshop. I liked the structure, LOVED the coffee and biscuits. I liked that it was really laid back and baby led... I didn't worry about feeding or nappy changing.

Baby Classes

Catherine & Eleanor

We absolutely loved the 5 week happy movers yoga class. Natalie is a brilliant facilitator and we’ve enjoyed learning new skills and songs. Sessions are nicely paced & baby led with time at the end for a brew & biscuit.

We’re looking forward to attending the special classes in the future. We’ve just done the valentines one which was gorgeous. For the price of a cuppa and cake at costa we had a cuppa, homemade cake, made some wonderful memories, learnt new skills, made a keepsake, received a themed treat and had photo opportunities with a willing photographer thrown in too couldn’t recommend it enough!

Baby Massage Hull

Sarah & Felicity

We absolutely loved this course, it was fantastic in every way. Couldn't have been better composed or delivered. It was the perfect mix of learning, relaxing and socialising. Natalie creates such a positive and uplifting environment. No matter how fraught or exhausted I was at the start of the session, I always left the room feeling so much better. The massage routines were well thought out and easy to learn and remember. My baby enjoys it so much that we now do it at home whenever she is unsettled and it really calms her down and makes us both smile again. We'll really miss the weekly classes, but look forward to trying baby yoga next!
Baby Yoga Classes

Jane & Teddy

The class was a very warm, welcoming environment with Natalie a very gentle and supportive teacher. Nothing felt rushed or undertaught with time allowed for us to ask questions and chat. The small class size and length of class was perfect too: not overwhelming for mum or baby. I enjoyed the calm atmosphere and opportunity to try something new with my baby. Great that it didn't matter that my baby wasn't very interested in massage, Natalie stressed that it was completely OK for him to just sit and watch. It felt like a calm haven each week.

Baby Massage Classes

Vicky & Drew

I thought the course was excellent. The perfect balance of learning new techniques and chatting to other mums. I think a support network is so important and you facilitated that in your class. Learning new massage techniques has been brilliant. The relaxed environment was great for Drew. He definitely enjoyed the classes (when he wasn’t asleep!). I also enjoyed meeting other mums and babies, it was such a lovely group of women.
Baby Yoga

Amy & Isla

Natalie is so friendly and knowledgeable. She explains the reasoning behind the moves we do and how it helps baby brain development and us mums. We like to do the bicycle song, it seems to help Isla's digestive system. I feel like Isla has become more flexible and has come out of her shell a lot more for a 4 month old so I've decided to book on another term. It's a great experience and bonding time for you and baby.
Baby Classes Hull

Charlotte & Jessica

I found the moves beneficial for me as well as baby Jessica. It's so lovely to do a combined class where both mum and baby are able to get those stretches in and the breathing techniques for mums are really helpful.

We practice at home a few times a week, it's relaxing for both baby and me

Classes for dads

Paul & Hughie

So great to see something inclusive for both parents and doing things specifically for dads. I loved the classes and hope more dads will take the opportunity to learn. We still use everything we learned.
Baby yoga classes

Rebecca, Molly & Alice

I attended the Valentine’s special this morning. Natalie, the facilitator is so lovely, friendly and informative. My baby girl loved it! Natalie also included my older daughter and thoughtfully brought her a doll so she could practice too. All the activities were prepared with such love and attention to detail. Highly recommend
Baby Massage Class

Katie & Dylan

Absolutely recommend the happy baby hive for baby massage, we absolutely loved the course! Natalie is so kind and friendly and the sessions are fab, really relaxed and loads of lovely little touches which make it extra special! Natalie even baked free-from

Blondies which I could eat as my baby is allergic to everything!! We will definitely be joining the baby yoga classes in January!

Baby Yoga Class

Jessica & Calvin

We have just finished the 5 week course of Baby Yoga and we loved it. Natalie is lovely and makes you feel so welcome from the very beginning. This has been my favourite course to do so far with my little boy, out of all the different baby courses we’ve been to. Exercises for both baby and mum that you can easily do at home. Tea and biscuits at the end with some conversation too. A photo opportunity for mum and baby, as mums don’t often get these! So lovely. I’ll definitely be back for another term later in the year.
Baby Yoga

Amelia & Flo

A very lovely and supportive environment, flexible to suit all babies needs. We’ve enjoyed learning new ways to move around beneficial for mum and baby & being able to meet new mums. A nice and calm atmosphere where we can bond as mum and baby. We like the roley poley & zoom zoom moves daily. (Makes Flo laugh).
Baby Massage and yoga

Beth & Kobi

This course was the first one I have attended with my 3 month old and I throughly enjoyed every single week. The groups being small makes it a lot less intimidating as a first time mum and Natalie was always so lovely and welcoming. I enjoyed meeting other mums and learning new massage techniques that helped me bond with my baby but also learning how each area can help with other things such as helping with blood flow etc. The massage technique helped my baby settle on a night before bed

Baby Group

Grace & Ada

Honestly had a lovely time - it was a very relaxed environment and we enjoyed the massage routine. The set up itself was lovely and the little refreshments were a nice bonus! I didn’t feel worried about the possibility of Ada getting upset because we were put at ease from the beginning.
Baby massage

Jenny & Albert

Just an amazing lady who provides such a relaxed and supportive atmosphere, looks after us mummies and has great tips for massage. We regularly use it at home. Can’t wait for the next set of courses. Thank you again! We do tummy massage up to 3 times a week and arms and legs once a week after bath time. Teething massage also quite often - definitely helps!

Baby Class

Hayley & Toby

Natalie makes everyone feel so at ease and welcome. I was a little nervous as I wasn't sure what it would be like if my baby cried or needed feeding but as it happens the course carries on as normal and you dip in and out as needed without having to leave the room. I LOVED that my baby loved it and how all the babies seemed to enjoy their 1 to 1 time with their mums.

Baby Class

Sarah & Archer

It’s clear that Natalie is very passionate about supporting mums on their journey. She was always friendly, and the classes were really well thought out. Everything was provided and we worked on a different routine and body part each week. The classes are ultimately for the mums as much as the babies. We had plenty of time to chat, enjoy a cuppa and some biscuits.
Baby Massage

Marie & Ione

I really enjoyed the whole experience. Natalie was very knowledgeable and also worked hard to get mummy's to interact. It is something I will keep practicing at home, the hand out we were given is very easy to follow and a great added addition to the course. I enjoyed the interaction with other mums and enjoyed the recaps.
Baby Massage Classes

Sarah & Ezra

We really enjoyed baby massage with Natalie. She was extremely knowledgeable, had a lovely supportive style and really tried to include everyone in the sessions. The course materials were clear and helpful and will help me to continue massage my baby in the future. The classes really were absolutely fantastic and I would not hesitate to recommend.
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