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6 benefits of baby massage and baby yoga

Updated: Jan 24

Parent and baby classes set up

I chose to teach baby massage and baby yoga classes due to the many amazing benefits of the practices, not just for babies but for mums and parents too. So I thought I'd summarise the top 6 benefits that both of these practices have in common...

1. Increase awareness & bonding: The practices of baby massage & baby yoga involve a lot of parent and baby interaction; while performing the strokes and stretches with your baby, you are in very close proximity enabling you both to breathe in each others smell, you have increased eye contact and lots of skin to skin contact, all while talking to your baby and hearing their lovely babbles and giggles. The engagement of all these senses and the focused one on one time is a powerful combination, creating the perfect formula for increasing your awareness of baby as you attune to them and further strengthen the wonderful bond between you.

Baby massage class

2. Promote relaxation: Whilst practicing baby massage & yoga, the skin contact and close proximity causes the release of lots of amazing feel good hormones, such as oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins creating a deep feeling of relaxation and boosted levels of happiness. The truly amazing part; these hormones are not only released in baby but in you as well! So both parent and baby can feel the incredible effects of these powerful practices. Furthermore, I also include mindfulness practices in my parent and baby groups too, to not only help you relax in class but also at home too, where you can continue to use these skills and practices.

3. Support development: Baby massage increases circulation to the muscles whilst baby yoga helps to stretch and work muscles, as a result these two practices help to strengthen the muscles and aid movement such as sitting, rolling and walking. The stronger babies muscles are the more it will help them with milestones like these. The act of massaging stimulates the blood circulation around the body promoting increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all of the body’s muscles, organs and cells, thus helping them to work more efficiently. Baby massage also stimulates the nervous system, helping and aiding the development of vital nerve connections between the body and the brain. The movements, lifts, swings and dips in baby yoga help to stimulate and develop the vestibular system, which is responsible for balance in the body; stimulating this system helps develop baby's sense of balance, which aids with all kinds of movement, like rolling, sitting and crawling. The stimulation of different parts of the body that occurs during both baby massage and baby yoga increases the awareness of the body as a whole, aiding with co-ordination and body/self-awareness. So while you and baby are having a lovely relaxing massage or having fun with yoga stretches and moves, you are also supporting baby's development in so many ways, no wonder so many babies love a nap after class!

4. Meet other new mums and parents: Becoming a new mum or parent can be a very

Mum and baby classes Hull

stressful time for a lot of people; there is so much you need to learn and so many new things happening to you and baby, all while having to deal with sleep deprivation on top, no wonder this can be such a tough time for new mums! Being able to meet other new mums and parents who are going through the same things can be such a great support and relief (it can be so great to know you're not the only one who's struggling with the same issues). My baby massage and baby yoga classes are the perfect place to meet other new mums and parents and to have time to chat and relax together. All of my parent and baby groups have exclusively smaller class sizes, to ensure a more friendly, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. I also include time for a hot drink, treat and chat at the end of each class; this not only helps you to relax and have a much needed treat but it also gives you chance to chat and make new friends, a mum support group can make the world of difference in those early days and years!

5. Supports mental wellbeing: supporting mental wellbeing and mental health is really important to me, it's one of the main reasons I started The Happy Baby Hive, to be able to support and help new mums and babies. All of the above benefits I have mentioned combine to help promote better mental wellbeing; the release of happy hormones and the bonding experienced, the relaxation experienced, the increased confidence and the social aspects of the classes all create an amazing and powerful boost to your mental health and overall happiness levels, for you and baby! These benefits aren't just limited to the parent and baby classes either, the continuation of the practices at home can mean the wonderful benefits can be felt every day.

6. Learn skills to last a lifetime! Whilst attending a baby massage class or baby yoga class,

Baby massage and baby yoga classes

you are not just attending a baby group, you are doing so much more! You are learning life-long skills that can help soothe, comfort and settle your baby which can be extended throughout their life. The baby massage techniques don't have to stop once your little one is no longer a baby, these skills can be used and adapted as your child grows; help them with colds and snuffles, tummy aches, growing pains and provide a lovely bonding, de-stressing practice whenever your child needs it. With baby yoga learn stretches and movements to help support your child's development, strengthening their body and muscles, relaxing and easing tension and develop their sense of balance, all while having lots of fun! The increased awareness of your baby and the strengthened bond will not only help to increase your awareness and connection to your little one but it will also increase your confidence in your role as a new parent, also increasing your happiness and overall wellbeing.

Baby massage and baby yoga are such wonderful classes to attend with your baby, not only are they a lovely experience but they also provide so many amazing benefits. Parent and baby classes with The Happy Baby Hive provide so much more than just a baby class; they provide a safe space to boost yours and your babies wellbeing, learn new skills, have fun, support baby development, relax and meet new friends. Why not book onto a course today and come experience all of these wonderful benefits for yourself!

The Happy Baby Hive provides Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Movers Yoga classes in the Hull & East Riding area, currently running in Swanland, Hull and Little Weighton. For more information on current and upcoming courses head to the booking page of my website; or get in touch

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