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What happens at baby yoga?

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

What exactly is baby yoga? What does baby yoga involve? These are questions I often get asked from mums and parents enquiring about my courses. So I wanted to take the time to write a post on this and take you through what is involved and what exactly you can expect when you attend my baby yoga classes.

Baby Yoga Classes Hull and East Yorkshire
Baby Yoga Classes Hull and East Yorkshire

Firstly, I'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions that I receive about baby yoga, and then I will take you through the general flow and activities of my baby yoga classes so you will know exactly what you will be doing each week.

Do I need to have done yoga before to attend baby yoga classes?

Nope! You do not need any prior experience of yoga to be able to attend one of my courses; my baby yoga classes are aimed at movement, stretches and play for your baby. While I do also include a complimentary warm up and supportive exercises for mums, these are basic and easy to do so you don't need to worry about previous experience or your fitness level for these.

Do I need to wear yoga pants to baby yoga?

While on the topic of previous yoga experience; you do not need to wear yoga pants or any type of sports wear to baby yoga classes either, you can wear whatever you like! I would recommend wearing something comfortable however, just because it's always nice to wear something comfortable isn't it, especially when you have a new baby too.

What age is baby yoga for?

My Happy Baby Yoga classes are aimed at babies from 12 weeks old until walking. This is to help you and your baby get the most out of the stretches and movements. Younger and older babies are welcome if you wish (moves can be modified to accommodate younger babies and older babies are free to move around the class if they wish) however the recommended age bracket is given to help you and baby to get the most from the class, I want you both to have as much fun as possible.

What does a baby yoga class involve?

Mother and Baby Yoga Group Hull and East Yorkshire
Baby Yoga Lifts

I always start my courses with an introduction to The Happy Baby Hive, reminding everyone that I offer baby-led, relaxed classes where you are free to do whatever you need to to make your baby happy and settled; feed, change, walk around whatever is needed. I like my classes to be a welcoming, safe space for all new parents and babies. I then provide a little background on baby yoga and give an overview of the course and what to expect; which I will take you through below.

Each week I like to start with a gratitude circle, were we all state something we are grateful for or something which has made us smile recently; don't worry for those new to this idea, I explain this fully and give examples, and I always go first each week. Practicing gratitude has been proven to help increase confidence, boost resilience and reduce stress; which is why I love to include this practice to help support the wellbeing of new mums and parents. (A more in-depth look at this is a topic for another day and another blog!)

We then move on to some simple warm up stretches for the parents, to help de-stress and get ready for the class. Firstly for babies we begin with a dry baby massage routine to nursery rhymes, helping you to keep practicing the amazing skills of baby massage whilst also developing baby's language skills. Next is floorwork stretches for baby, focusing on areas such as hips or arms; helping to boost your baby's flexibility, cognitive development and motor skills. We then move onto breathwork and stretches for the mummies, to help support your pelvic floor and core (this is also a nice little break for baby too, babies usually find this section amusing watching mummy!).

Next we move up to rolls, lifts, then swings and dips, all to songs; these moves all help to develop baby's vestibular system and balance but are also lots of fun for baby! All of the fun in one baby yoga class adds up to the typical amount of simulation a baby would usually receive in one day! How amazing is that?

To finish off each week we then practice a relaxation technique, specially selected for mums with baby's; helping to promote relaxation in both mum and baby and end the class on a lovely chilled vibe. And last, but certainly not least, I end all of my classes with time for a hot drink, biscuits and chat; I love to look after mums and parents as well as the babies, this is just as important, happy parents create happy babies.

A mum practicing baby yoga with her baby
Baby Yoga Rolls

My baby yoga courses also include all the little extras exclusive to all Happy Baby Hive courses; including lots of little touches, toy baskets, special quotes, photo-area, certificate and footprint keepsake, electronic handout and access to parenting resources support information.

Baby yoga is the ideal follow on class from baby massage. Providing so much more than just a mother and baby group; my yoga classes teach practices that support and boost mental and physical wellbeing for both mum and baby, as well as being lots of fun for you both as well! Classes are gentle and friendly and you need no prior experience and no specific sports wear.

Book onto one of my courses today and experience all of this for yourself! The Happy Baby Hive provides Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Movers Yoga classes in the Hull & East Riding area, currently running in Swanland, Hull and Little Weighton. For more information on current and upcoming courses head to the booking page of my website;

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